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How Horse Racing Picks are calculated?

Speed Figure Profile is the most effective handicapping tool in the game today. It is based on CompMansm (Computer & Manual) System.

THE NUMBERS (Horse Racing Picks) are calculated by breaking down the total speed spectrum.

This is accomplished by encoding and decoding the data from incremental pace fractions and time splits from the past performances for each horse.

Integrating the above result with our own racetrack surface variant configuration gives us a perfectly balanced pattern of numerical predictability.

Thus, each horse is given a Final Number.

 The higher the number, the better a horse has a chance of winning in the speed form cycle.
 Horses with higher numbers are the strongest plays of the day.
 This concept will accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
 As a result you can see the winning contenders for each race, at a glance.

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The Purse Value Number is based on Earnings, Starts and Finishing position. In addition, we provide Breeding Figures for both Dirt & Turf Surfaces.
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Track Abbreviations

AC (Agua) Caliente
AD Arizona Downs
AIK Aiken
AKS Ak-Sar-Ben
ALB Albuquerque
ALI Alliance
ANF Anthony Downs
AP Arlington International
AQU Aqueduct
ARP Arapahoe Park
ATH Atlanta
ATL Atlantic City
ATO Atokad Park
AVN Avon
BCF Brown County Fair
BEL Belmont Park
BEU Beulah Park
BGD Players Bluegrass Downs
BIL Billings
BIR Birmingham Turf Club
BKF Black Foot
BLR Bel Air
BM Bay Meadows
BMF Bay Meadows Fair
BML Balmoral Park
BND Bandera Downs
BOI Boise
BOW Bowie
BRD Blue Ribbon Downs
BRO Brookhill Farm
CAM Camden
CAS Cassia County Fair
CBY Canterbury Park
CD Churchill Downs
CDA Coeur D'Alene
CHA Charleston
CHL Charlotte
CLM Clemmons
CLS Columbus
CNL Colonial Downs
CPW Chippewa Downs
CR Crabtree
CRA Columbine Park
CRC Calder Race Course
CT Charles Town
CWF Central Wyoming Fair
CWL Cumberland
DAY Dayton
DED Delta Downs
DEL Delaware Park
DET Detroit Race Course
DG Cochise County Fair
DIX Dixie Downs
DMF Del Mar Fair
DMR Del Mar
DUE Dueling Grounds
DUN Greenelee County Fair
DXD Dixie Downs
ED Energy Downs
ELK Elko County Fair
ELM Elma
ELP Ellis Park
EMD Emerald Downs
EMP Empire City
EMT Emmett
EUR Eureka
EVD Evangeline Downs
FAI Fair Hill
FAX Fairfax
FER Ferndale
FG Fair Grounds
FH Far Hills
FL Finger Lakes
FLG Flagstaff
FMT Fair Meadows
FNO Fresno
FON Fonner Park
FOX Foxboro
FP Fairmount Park
FPX Fairplex Park
FS Coconino County Fair
FTP Fort Pierre
FX Foxfield
GBF Great Barrington Fair
GCF Gila County Fair
GF Great Falls
GG Golden Gate Fields
GIL Gillespie County Fairground
GLD Great Lakes Downs
GLN Glyndon
GMP Gresham Park
GN Grand National
GP Gulfstream Park
GRM Great Meadows
GRP Grants Pass
GS Garden State Park
GTW Gateway Downs
GV Genesee Valley
HAP Harbor Park
HAW Hawthorne
HCF Humboldt County Fair
HIA Hialeah Park
HLN Helena Downs
HOB Navajo County Fair
BHP Hollywood Park
HOO Hoosier Park
HOU Sam Houston Race Park
HPO Horseman'S Park
IMP Imperial
ING Ingleside
INT International Simulcast
JEF Jefferson Park
JND Jefferson Downs
JRM Jerome County Fair
JUA Juarez
KD Kentucky Downs
KEE Keeneland
KLF Klamath County Fair
KSP Kalispell
LA Los Alamitos
LAD Louisiana Downs
LAM La Mesa Park
LAR Nuevo Laredo
LAV Las Vegas Park
LBT Laurel Brown Racetrack
LEB Lebanon
LEX Lexington
LF Lincoln Fields
LGA Longacres
LIG Ligonier
LNN Lincoln State Fair
LRL Laurel Park
LS Lone Star Park
LXG Ky Assoc. Course
MAD Madison
MAF Marias Fair
MAL Malvern
MAN Manor Downs
MAR Marlboro
MAS Mason-Dixon
MBO Middleboro Fair
MC Cow Capital Turf Club
MCH Mitchell
MED Meadowlands
MEP Metrapark-Montana
MF Marshfield Fair
MGO Marengo Plantation
MI Midway Downs
MID Middleburg
MNR Mountaineer Park
MOF Mohave County Fair
MON Monkton
MOR Morven Park
MPM Mt. Pleasant Meadows
MTH Monmouth Park
MTP Montpelier
MUS Muskegon
NGD Narrow Guage Downs
NMP Northampton
OMA Omaha
ONE Oneida County Fair
OP Oaklawn Park
OTC Ocala Training Center
OXM Oxmoor
PEN Penn National
PHA Philadelphia Park
PHO Phoenix Fairgrounds
PIM Pimlico
PLA Playfair
PLN Pleasanton
PM Portland Meadows
PMF Portland Meadows Fair
PMT Pine Mtn-Calloway Garden
POD Pocatello Downs
POM Pomona
PPK Pompano Park
PPM Pikes Peak Meadows
PRM Prairie Meadows
PRN Prineville Turf Club
PRO Prospect
PSP (Phoe) Sportsmans Park
PW Percy Warner
QD Queen City Downs (Qh Track)
RAP Rapid City
RAV Ravalli County Fair
RB Red Bank
RD River Downs
RET Retama Park
RIL Rillito
RKM Rockingham Park
RM Ross Meadows
ROD Ross Downs
ROP Round Up Park
RP Remington Park
RSD Riverside Downs
RUI Ruidoso Downs
RUP Minidoka County Fair
RWD Rollie White Downs
SA Santa Anita Park
SAC Sacramento
SAF Graham County Fair
SAG Sagebrush Downs
SAL Salem
SAR Saratoga
SED Sedalia
SFE Santa Fe
SH Strawberry Hill
SHD Shennandoah Downs
SJ Apache County Fair
SJD San Juan Downs
SJM St. James
SLV Silver Park
SOL Solano
SON Santa Cruz County Fair
SOP Southern Pines
SPG Illinois State Fair
SPT Sportsman'S Park
SR Santa Rosa
SRP Sunray Park
STK Stockton
STL St Louis
SUD Sun Downs
SUF Suffolk Downs
SUN Sunland Park
SWF Sweetwater County Fair
TAM Tampa Bay Downs
TDN Thistledown
TET Sandy Downs
TIL Tillamook County Fair
TIM Timonium
TOP Topsfield Fair
TP Turfway Park
TRM Trinity Meadows
TRS Tri-State Park
TRY Tryon
TUC Tucson
TUP Turf Paradise
UN E. Oregon Livestock Show
UNI Unionville
VIC Victorville
WAR Warrenton
WBR Weber Downs
WCD Wells Co Fair
WDS Woodlands Park
WIL Willowdale Steeplechase
WMF Western Mt Fair
WPR White Pine Raceway
WRD Will Rogers Downs-Oklahoma
WTS Waitsburg Race Track
WW Walla Walla
WYO Wyoming Downs
YAV Yavapai Downs
YD Yellowstone Downs
YM Yakima Meadows
YMA Yuma County Fair
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