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"Team Ninety (with 90 years collective experience) is proud to present:

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"Team Ninety picked the winner of the 2011 Belmont Stakes, 2009 Kentucky Derby and the 2009 Belmont Stakes, using this new feature.
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How Horse Racing Picks are calculated?

Speed Figure Profile is the most effective handicapping tool in the game today. It is based on CompMansm (Computer & Manual) System.

THE NUMBERS (Horse Racing Picks) are calculated by breaking down the total speed spectrum.

This is accomplished by encoding and decoding the data from incremental pace fractions and time splits from the past performances for each horse.

Integrating the above result with our own racetrack surface variant configuration gives us a perfectly balanced pattern of numerical predictability.

Thus, each horse is given a Final Number.

 The higher the number, the better a horse has a chance of winning in the speed form cycle.
 Horses with higher numbers are the strongest plays of the day.
 This concept will accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
 As a result you can see the winning contenders for each race, at a glance.

As part of your subscription plan you'll get The Numbers (Horse Picks) for each horse and race for these tracks. also will give you a "Purse Value Number" for each horse in each race for "Current Year Earnings". The Purse Value Number can be used with your handicapping system or with our numbers or a combination of both.
The Purse Value Number is based on Earnings, Starts and Finishing position. In addition, we provide Breeding Figures for both Dirt & Turf Surfaces.
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