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FAQ / Help

How are the selections compiled?
  “Team ninety” has developed this concept over time with proven results. The past speed performances are measured for each horse in each race for all points and compared to one another. Horses that have encountered recent troubleare also taken into consideration. The analyses are adjusted to our track variant program.
Do I use the selections for exotic wagering, perfecta’s, & Trifecta’s?
  Yes, place an emphasis on the top 5 numbers for boxing and wheeling our selections.
What if the horse has never ran before, how does eHorsePicks calculate the numbers? 
  Presently, eHorsePicks does not calculate any speed figure for horse that have never ran before. We developed breeding figures for all horses. 
How long does it take to set up an account?
  A few seconds only. Simply follow the instructions on the registration form. You will assign your own user id and password. We suggest using letters and numbers combined. For example, 258tango.
What happens if I forget my user Id or password?
  We have provided an e-mail procedure for you to retrieve your user Id or your password in the website.
Is my personal and financial information secure?
  We do not ask or store any sensitive information on our website (server) We use, an industry leader for charging subscription fee.Your information is stored on secure servers of Paypal.
How much does the service cost?
  We have provided a variety of subscription options. To see our rates click here.
If I have questions concerning the selections that are being provided can I contact Team Ninety?
  Yes, you can. We have provided email & phone Numbers on the website for your convenience. Click on Contact Us and reach us anytime.
Are you going to provide the selections for additional tracks?
  We have provided the selections for all major tracks in the country. However, If there is a track you are interested in that is not listed please contact us so we can accommodate your request.
What time can I have access the selections?
  They are posted by 3:00 am each day. If I have problem getting the numbers from the website what do I do? Call us immediately and we will assist you as soon as possible.
What would be my chancing of winning?
  We are confident that your chances of winning will improve and you will have an edge over other bettors.
Who is Team Ninety?
  “Team Ninety” is a group of experts that have been handicapping horses for the past forty-five years and collectively they have 90 years experience in the field of handicapping, history of horse racing, psychology and advanced information technology. With this vast experience; “Team Ninety” has come up with a product that will give you the edge over the betting public.
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